Theoben Serial Number Database


May 08, 2011  If you go to 192.com or similar you can search for people as per the electral register.it sometimes list phone numbers. Dan I did say it`s just a serial number Not name addy,phone number you know what Theoben are like. I am trying to find the database of serial numbers for Theoben rifles.I have used this approx 2 years ago but I cant find a link on their website anymore. Does anyone know how i can access. A protip by cialimancui about fuji bike serial number database.

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Nice weapon John, if it's a standard MK2 sub 12 it'll possess a regulator unless it was a special build. Theoben had been a principle unto their own when it emerged to building guns and nothing was set in rock as they often changed specs and do one off forms. Your gun provides the old chamfered wedge and without viewing the various other side I suppose it doesn't possess a scalloped mass. I put on't believe the Quick database will go that far ahead but I'd think it't past due 00'beds. Well done on an outstanding buy, I'd adore a MK2 in.20.

Fine gun Paul, if it't a standard MK2 sub 12 it'll have a regulator unless it had been a specific build. Theoben had been a rule unto their own when it arrived to developing guns and nothing was arranged in rock as they usually changed specs and did one off plots. Your weapon offers the older chamfered block and without viewing the some other part I suppose it doesn't have got a scalloped stop. I don't believe the Rapid database will go that much ahead but I'd speculate it'h past due 00't. Great job on an exceptional buy, I'd adore a MK2 in.20. Click to expand.I possess two Dr Chad 180deg quickfills fitted.

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One weapon provides it mounted with the gauge under the barrel or clip, and the fill up on the base. That is the least complicated way of installing them. The down part is certainly the gauge is certainly a little bit uncomfortable to observe, and the ditch in the base of the share desires to end up being larger than you would including therefore you can get rid of the whip when you are usually completed. The various other one is certainly installed with the gauge on one part f the share, and the fill slot on the various other aspect.

The great point about this way can be the measure is easy to peek at, and the fil slot is easy to access. The down side is certainly because of the amount of solid wood you possess to remove, it leaves the fore finish quite 7 days, and sure more than enough, one side of quarry has clicked off. I do like the appearance of the 90deg filler which I believe will resolve both problems ( for me).

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