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SoundtrackWe posting a selection of music from the sport for free of charge download.Fourteen special paths will include to the musical collection of S.T.A new.L.E.E.Ur. Fansand will turn out to be a pleasant addition to the game disk.The documents are available in.ogg structure with the high quality of adjustable 160 kb/s.is suggested for the comfy listen. Tracklist01 Mutation (songs by MoozE)02 Deceased Cities Pt.2 (songs by MoozE)03 Radwind Pt.1 (music by MoozE)04 Tunnels (music by MoozE)05 The Factor (music by MoozE)06 S i9000.A.D.

(songs by MoozE)07 Cold/Freezing Out (songs by MoozE)08 Zone Sparks (songs by MoozE)09 Radwind Pt.2 (music by MoozE)10 Sleeping In Ashes v.2 (songs by MoozE)11 Rads Rehabilitation.1 (songs by MoozE)12 Dirge for the World (lyrics by O.Yavorsky, songs by )13 Fighting with each other unknown (songs by )14 Against the ionized odds (songs by )Fan-musicMusic made up by the T.T.A new.L.E.E.Ur. Fans.time added.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games take place within the Zone, an alternate history version of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.In the world of the games, experimental labs were made in the Exclusion Zone which allowed scientists to experiment with psychic abilities which arose following the disaster. Welcome to the Zone S.T.A.L.K.E.R. At this point in time, the Welcome to the Zone mod, only changes a few things, but very soon the aim of this modification will become clear, and it will grow from a mini-mod, to a full blown TC (Total Conversion).

V0.3 of the 'Welcome to the Zone' mod. Produced a fresh weapon for the video game. It still appears, and noises like, án AK-74, though that will ideally be changing shortly.2. Created an completely new kind of ammunition fór the AK-47. Two versions have also been made.

The 7.62x39mmichael HP, or hollow point, round. The 7.62x39mmeters AP, or armor piercing, around.3. Elevated the flashlight glimmer distance from 13, to 25 meters.4. Decreased the torch's glow cone from 60 to 50 degrees. Shouldn't be to very much of a distinction, but makes the ray more focused.5. Transformed what Wolf provides you at the pretty begining. Instead of recieving á PMM, you wiIl recieve a Barrét Meters9 with 120 times of ammunition.6.

The reward you recieve fróm Wolf for thé succesful conclusion of the first quest has also been transformed. You today recieve án AK-47 with 300 models of ammunition. This should survive you until you obtain to the Club.7. The dialog you have got with Wolf has been somewhat transformed to make up for the modification in praise.8. The Ak and its ammo have a complete explanation.

I have got tried to be as accurate as possible with the explanations in the weapon, and it's ammunition, but I may possess things incorrect. If you notice anything wrong,please contact me therefore that I can fix it.9. You are now able to buy 7.62x39mmeters Ammunition from Sidórovich, and Barman (aIl sorts).10. Shotguns now do more damage.11. Trader's are usually more specific. They market issues that they have got easy accessibility to, or an prosperity of. Scientest Investor markets a lot of AntiRads ánd Scientest MedKits, chéaper than anyone eIse.

Desired to the Area S.T.A.D.K.Age.Ur.At this point in period, the Greeting to the Zone mod, just changes a few items, but really shortly the aim of this alteration will become very clear, and it will grow from á mini-mod, tó a complete blown TC (Overall Transformation).ScreenShots integrated.Table of Contents (ToC)- Installation Instructions1. Adjustments from foundation S.Capital t.A.M.K.E.Ur.2. Modifications from the prior edition of WttZ mod.3.

Items to end up being transformed in the following discharge.4. Items to end up being changed. Long term objectives.5. Recognized Conflictions6. Recognized bugs/issues7.

I wish I could discover this book when I was desperate back when I was eight or nine because it would fit perfectly back then. Wings of fire the lost heir free download.

Final notesInstallation1. Remove all items of the.zero save into your Beds.T.A.L.T.E.L. Shadow of Chernobyl index. All necassary data files have happen to be included, therefore there can be no want for you to edit anything!1. ChangesV 0.31.

Made a new weapon for the sport. It still appears, and seems like, án AK-74, though that will ideally be changing shortly.2. Made an completely new kind of ammunition fór the AK-47. Two versions have also been made. The 7.62x39mmichael Horsepower, or empty point, round. The 7.62x39mmichael AP, or shield piercing, around.3. Enhanced the flashlight sparkle length from 13, to 25 metres.4.

Decreased the flashlight's sparkle cone from 60 to 50 degrees. Shouldn'testosterone levels become to very much of a distinction, but makes the beam more focused.5.

Changed what Wolf gives you at the very begining. Rather of recieving á PMM, you wiIl recieve a Barrét Meters9 with 120 times of ammunition.6. The incentive you recieve fróm Wolf for thé succesful finalization of the 1st quest has also been recently changed. You today recieve án AK-47 with 300 models of ammunition. This should last you until you obtain to the Pub.7.

The discussion you possess with Wolf has been somewhat changed to make up for the switch in praise.8. The Ak and its ammo have got a complete description. I have got attempted to end up being as accurate as achievable with the descriptions in the weapon, and it't ammunition, but I may have got things wrong. If you find anything wrong,please get in touch with me therefore that I can repair it.9. You are now able to buy 7.62x39mm Ammunition from Sidórovich, and Barman (aIl forms).10. Shotguns right now do even more harm.11. Investor's are usually more specific.

They sell things that they possess easy access to, or an large quantity of. Scientest Trader markets a great deal of AntiRads ánd Scientest MedKits, chéaper than anyone eIse.2.

Changes from previos Versions1. Reworked the AK-47 to have even more recoil, perform more harm, and become a little cheaper.2. Transformed the AK-47't silenced guidelines.3.

Changed the shotguns to perform more harm. I believed it quite pathetic that you couldn't kill certain creatures with a stage blank photo. Ideally this will address that.4. Trader's sell their 'niche.' For right now, I've only completed some minor modifications to the weapons they sell.5. Carried on to create some small adjustments to the discussion in Cordon.6. Changed the AK-47 to the AKM7.

Produced some modifications to the descriptions of the AKM, the 7.62x39mmichael HP, and the 7.62x39mmeters AP rounds.8. New Screenshots!3. Adjustments for the close to futurev 0.31.

New Skin for thé AK-472. New skin for thé AK-47 ammo boxes3. Trader's inventory switch4. Corpse inventory shift.5. New sound for the AK-476. Include a repair function to the Investor's.7. Completely Specialize Trader's8.

Whatever else I think of.9. Start to remodel the Story. Create it even more indepth, longer, without becoming repetative.9. Recommendations delightful.4. Feedback?If you have got any queries or comments, feel free to comment on this file through the commenting program made obtainable by FileFront.lf you would like to get in touch with me through E-Mail, my Email address can be: tkmr07(at)gmail(dot)comYou can furthermore contact me through the SMC discussion boards Private Messaging program.

The Web link for the SMC community forums is: stalkermodding.proboards80.com My user name is certainly: admin5. Conflictions with various other modsMy mod will clash with any various other mod that offers created a new weapon, a new type of shield, a brand-new kind of ammunition.It will furthermore discord with any additional mod that offers transformed the color, or variety of the torch.It will furthermore struggle with any mód that edits thé description of weapons, or changes any dialog from Get away (Cordon).Finally, it will issue with any mod that modifications quest rewards in Get away (Cordon)I believe that is it.

If you find any other conflictions that aren'capital t listed here, please allow me know, therefore that I can carry on to increase the listing of known conflictions.If you would like me to combine my mód, with another mód, please get in touch with me, and I will end up being more than joyful to do it.6. Recognized IssuesYou must Start a fresh game for the results of this mod to take effect.The AK-47 is definitely not obtainable anywhere but from Wolf, after completing the very first mission.The Michael67 ammunition for the AK-47 is certainly extremely vulnerable, but has excellent shield piercing abilities. I feel aware of this, and operating to repair it.I am conscious that the information concerning the AK-47 will be pretty away.

Gta v pc download gratis. This will be fixed in later versions.It was created making use of spot 1.0003. It may, or may not really, function with earlier pads.

I update my game everytime a brand-new patch comes out therefore any up-dates to the mod, will end up being making use of the most recent official patch.7. ThanksMy thanks goes out to everybody that provides joined up with the SMC community forums, and assisted keep it alive. Our 2 30 days anniversary is approaching!My thanks a lot also goes out tó GSC, ánd THQ for developing, and submitting this fantastic game.My thanks a lot to Niphty fór the modding manuals. I wouldn't possess gotten anyplace if it wásn't fór him!And furthermore to FileFront, for hosting this document, and providing it for download, free of charge!My thanks furthermore to everyone whó will downIoad this mod, ánd record any insects, or inconsistencies óf this mód!And final but not really minimum, Proboards for producing the SMC community forums probable.AJMBLAZER for bringing some of my mistakes to light.8. This mod is certainly mine.

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I developed it from scrape, I possess not utilized anybody else't mod for a bottom.2. If you are serious in using my mod as a base for your mod, get in touch with me in progress and obtain my permission.3. If you are usually curious in making use of my mod in a compilation of mods, experience free. All I request is that you provide me credit.4. You may modify this mod as you wish. If you launch the modified version, acquire my permission.5.

Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in a request to the hosting site to eliminate the mod in violation, and a demand to prohibit your accounts from the web site.9. One final thingThis will be a huge task for me, and will get a fair amount of time to finish. All I talk to is definitely that you end up being individual, and wait around for me to discharge the next variations. I accepted recommendations for my mod, and are happyto welcome any brand-new designers. If you have any recommendations, or would like to help me out, please email me át tkmr07(at)gmail(dot)comMy supreme goal with this mod is certainly to create a more in-depth storyline, including even more quests, even more interraction between NPC's and the Personality, and significantly more.

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Ultimately I will become creating brand-new maps, toexpand within thé zone, and óut of the zoné.Once again I would like to give thanks to FiIeFront, SMC, GSC, ánd THQ.S i9000.T.A new.L.E.E.Ur. Modding Neighborhood- Expanding the zone oné radioactive wasteland át a period.