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Windows 8.1 Change Color Scheme

Atleast it is not available in Developer Preview, may be it will available in Final build. But as of now, you do not have any option to change Metro UI color setting. Door 2 Windows has released a tool to change default color scheme for Windows 8. Oct 23, 2012  You can change the color scheme for your Start screen (and subsidiary screens) at any time. Display the charms bar and click or tap Settings to display the Settings panel. Click or tap Change PC Settings to display the PC Settings page. Click to view larger image.

Change Your WallpaperThe default color is certainly only blue because of the default history Windows 8 comes with. To change your history, right-click the desktop computer history and select Personalize - simply like in Home windows 8.Click the Desktop Background option at the base of the windows to change your picture.Select a new wallpapers from the checklist. You can choose one of your own background pictures by pressing the Browse key and browsing tó it. When yóu select a fresh background picture, Home windows will instantly change the windowpane border color.Windows won't continually select the major color in the picture - for example, when you choose the below rose image, Windows selects a red color for the home window borders instead of a blue one.Select a ColorIf you want to set a color individually from the history color - or tweak the immediately selected color - click on the Color choice in the Personalization window.You can select one of the predefined shades from this listing. To re-enable automated window border color selection, select the color át the top-Ieft part of the listing.To fine-tune your colours even further, click the Show color mixer drop-down option and make use of the four sliders to personalize it.Very easily Select Custom made ColorsIt's possible to specify a variety of shades with the sIiders in the window above, but this may not really be the nearly all convenient way of doing it.Instead of enjoying with those thrée sliders, you cán try out, which we pointed out as a method of. Aero8Tuner allows you to save a list of your favorite custom colours that you can very easily change between them.

Change Screen Color Windows 8

You can also select a custom made color with a one click.After getting Aero8Tuner, start it and click on the Main Color symbol.Select one of the simple shades or click and pull to select a custom color. Click on the Add more to Custom Colors key to conserve your preferred custom shades for later.As with all Home windows desktop computer customizations, you can save them as a theme from the Personalization screen. This saves your windows boundary color, picture, sounds, screensaver, and additional settings into a individual concept preset that you can reload later.