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These cheat database models are usually for Ninténdo DS flashcarts, chéating gadgets, personal computer emulators, and homebrew applications for the Nintendo 2DBeds/3DS units. Each database consists of Action Replay codes for your favorite NDS games.

  1. Nintendo DS Cheat Lists. Copy cheat.dat to your Cheats folder. Download Cheat Codes For DeSmuME Emlator. Download The Cheat. Nintendo DS Added.
  2. R4 DS V1.02 Cheat Code Database Download,Put the cheat.dat to _system_ directory, overwrite the old database.

R4 DS V1.02 Cheat Code Database Download,Put the cheat.dat to _system_ directory, overwrite the old database. Cheat Code Editor For R4 Ds Games. R4 DS V1.02 Cheat Code Database Download,Put the cheat.dat to. Nintendo DS Cheat Codes.

Change log (v2.0.0): v2.0.0 - March 16, 2018 1. Included Anti-Piracy Bypass rules to numerous games. Cleansed up the secrets and cheats for many games.


Nds R4 Firmware

Included/updated tricks and/or interpretation patches for the using games: - Open fire Brand - Shin Monshou no Nazó - Hikari to Kagé no Eiyuu (Asia) (Rev 1) (Heroes of Lighting and Shadow v3.03) - Pick Moon DS (Europe) (Rev 1) - Mario Kart DS (USA) - Mario Kart DS (Us) (MKDS Zero v1.3) - Mario Kart DS (Us) (In64 Circuit v1.5) - New Nice Mario Bros. (USA) (Mario'beds Next Experience Beta v5.9) - New Nice Mario Bros.

Download Safe hyperlink: if the loading speed can be slow,maybe the fragments of your SD/TF card are as well several. You can use the established SD/TF cards format device.It can solve your problems. ● load errcode=-1 ● insert errcode=-8 ● storage errcode=-83 ● reset to zero the video game,show message' No card' If the above problem occured,pls fórmat your SD Memory Credit card. Kernel Upgrade It is up to date to Sixth is v1.84b on 2016-09-21 It will be updated to Sixth is v1.83b on 2016-01-12 It is certainly updated to Sixth is v1.82b on 2015-05-12 It can be updated to V1.81b on 2014-12-17 It is certainly up to date to V1.80b on 2014-06-24 How to upgrade the kernel? By making use of the TF cards reader, link your TF cards with pc, open the file. Upload game kernel: Duplicate the R4.DAT file to your TF credit card.

Upload movie kernel: Duplicate the Moonshl2 tó your TF cards. Upload DIY Interface functionality: Duplicate the L4iMenu to your TF card. How to revise AR cheat information base?

Upload the néwest AR cheat data base, then duplicate the 'usrcheat.dat' document to'R4iMenu' file. L4i-SDHC 3DT kernel download(with tag) Make sure you you select to download the L4i SDHC 3DH language version of the kernel. Latest edition: Sixth is v1.84b.

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