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  1. Domain Name Registry Key

It his very helpful to offer a valid repair route to an MSI software program in order to allow automatic fix capability of Windows Installer. Right here's where to go in your registry: HKEYLOCALMACHINE Software program Lessons Installer Products Select your software key: Ex. Products 1C5C0DF1B10BC4B469705E3D3B1D13F8 Proceed in this subkey: SourceList Internet Then add a route in chain '1' where the MSI can end up being found: Ex lover.d: plan data files microsoft intellipoint 4.1 mouse Setup Home windows Installer automated repair capacity his now enabled for your MSI software program.

Can i get Source Path of Installed application? Some installs will create a registry key 'InstallSource' with the uninstall information here. Trying to detect by registry after installation through SCCM fails. Prevent Windows Update/Upgrade to reset registry. Find install path of office word 2010. In 'SOFTWARE Wow6432Node' key. Also, MSI registry searches have a flag for. To get the install.

Domain Name Registry Key

How to find Office 2003 installation source? There is an installer registry key that shows where the software was installed from, but it may not be what people expect. The information would mostly refer to the Local installer cache location rather than the source media. This is because the Office installer essentially copies the install files onto the system drive before actually. Windows keeps its installation source locations in the Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Setup. (Note that in Windows 2000, the Registry path may use 'Windows NT' instead of 'Windows.'