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This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points The Reichsadler Eagle on strategic view with ammo count over the large swastika the eagle is holding and a smaller swastika for your sights aiming center.

Thus, after a few minutes of combat, you will be able to ensure the security of allied heavy tanks and tank destroyer, because they are the primary goal for the opponent’s arty. Installation In the folder WorldofTanks resmods copy everything that is in the unpacked archive. 1.0.0 Battle Assistant - posted in World of Tanks Mods & Addons: Battle Assistant This is an official NA topic from the author of Battle Assistant mod, where you can find the latest version to download. I decided to open this topic as I see a growing interest in the mod and to let people on NA server download it from trusted source.

It is definitely the blue font on this page: below Download “193 - Fight Assistant (60 KB)” I have downloaded and installed. The mod provides not worked thus much. Late last evening I opened up one of the two incorporated files battle assitant.txt ( I think ) - which is usually the config document. There had been a environment that had mouse button 2 and J - but this was made by a Russian programmer I believe, and I am suspecting that the keyboard mapping may end up being various. I changed the key pad switch to G vs M but possess not tried it yet.

I will know later tonight if this fixed the issue. If it has not, I will just remove it and wait until the preliminary bugs have all shaken out. Been playing WoT off ánd on for á several yrs. This can be the very first mod that I've tried. So significantly, only utilized in group training, but wow!

Amazing difference. I possess to retrain my artwork skills a little, but definitely boosts the video game experience.Set up: Below is usually the process I followed and it proved helpful first time. This may become redundant to some and may help others.1) Download the link simply above “Related Articles:” For me this document went straight into my Downloads file which I have got sorted/arranged by day.2) Open up (dual click) battle-assistant zero file; open resmods; open 0.9.10; showcase scripts; correct click scripts; click on Copy.3) Open up Computer; open local disc (I guess this is your harddrive LOL); open Games; open up WorldofTanks; open up resmods; open 0.9.10; right click on on the open window; click on Paste. DONE!Essentially, Duplicate and Paste the scripts file into WorldofTanks/résmods/0.9.10.

I don't know if the mod will work if you merely CP into WorldofTanks/resmods rather of going one document more to 0.9.10 and I wear't want to test. Hello admin, is usually the author identified right here? Perform you understand him or his site? I was inquisitive as to the error revealing and issues like the changelog.

I have (and can reconstruct) a pretty significant drawback that is definitely detrimental to the participant's sport. I attempted downloading it the mod fróm the linkDownload:193 - Battle Helper FOR 9.13 (60 kb)but it stated it has been unreadable and requested me to select from a list or search the web. I selected select from a list and google stainless. Today whenever i try out opening the download document it just brings me to this page. Can you please just do a go document. They are so basic, simply download, copy and substance. We dont require directions on how to discover the resmods foIder like in yóur video over.

We need to know how to download the files to put into the resmods folder. Not really working correctly for 9.16.

I “installed” the mod just to have the game fail to function correctly. The seeking reticle fréezes up in snipér setting. I had the video game completely freeze out in a blend of normal sniper and your 3rchemical person watch where I couldn't proceed the aiming spot, modification out of sniper setting to generate, nothing.

After starting to back out of the battle and after that not acquiring the achievable fees I couldn't even get the video game menus to pop up once again to go back to my garage once I has been murdered. And experienced to drive prevent the video game. It works with deleted all prior mod folders so all I experienced has been one folder under mod res known as and I placed the software folder in there just as he displays in the video clip above. I presume the movie is today rather older as I do not need to export or unzip after downloading it it, it just opened instantly so I could pull and fall the script folder fróm my downloads foIder to the mód res folder. Yes his description is wrong in that it is definitely the J essential which triggers the view, not the H essential. But clicking the center mouse “button” worked well instead anyway.

While I'm not really a huge lover of enjoying arty, I've accomplished a little bit of table battery fireplace in plot 9.12 and 9.13. While there nevertheless are arty tracers (simply like there are usually shell tracers for aIl tanks) arty tracérs are usually nowhere close to as obvious as they utilized to become. In current patches, a tracer will end up being seen as a small white steak leaving the arty'beds location extremely quickly. Tracers are quite tough to spot, and also harder to find the exact point of origin of. So while counter-top battery open fire is nevertheless a practical technique, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are usually already encountered, specifically since lengthy range accuracy is therefore rng dependent. However, if you actually possess your coronary heart established on cb open fire, listen carefully to the noises- there will be a telltale 'whiff' audio when arty fire in the region you're also looking at. I possess been enjoying arty quite a great deal and nearly all of my onéshot kills(or gets rid of in common) arrive from Reverse Battery.

Mainly because mentioned in the responses: snow maps make it a Iot harder as thé tracers have got some white, yellowish colour and they are usually only noticeable for less than half a 2nd.Some tanks have got a extremely small weapon and the thickness of the tracer appears therefore smaller sized producing it much harder to place. Additionaly, some tanks have very reduced range or a great shell trajectory which usually places them in places you much less anticipate them. The best example being the FV304(that mini arty). I offers a small caliber, reduced variety and can strike almost anything.If I did place an arty firing I often target behind the tracer's starting placement. I perform this because it appears the tracer tracks starts when the covering leaves the gun and some arty have got a extremely long weapon. By intending at the starting point you might take just in front side of the árty which will notify him and probably create him reposition himself.The second will go for any tank really, but you shouldn't forget about about it: the covering flight should complete through the enemy tank to create certain you have got a bigger chance to strike it.Harm doesn'capital t issue, a direct hit is often a wipe out, actually when shooting at an árty 2 or more divisions above you. It't mostly precision that will be important, therefore don't try out this in an Meters12.This mainly arrives from individual experience.

Well it had that mod, attempt looking for RedBall, what it did it positioned 3d reddish golf ball at start of arty trace, but only if you had been already looking at that stage (aiming close by in arty top down, or just near it in regular tank). It had been around very long, but now its on thé bannable offence mód checklist.I found about that 2-3 yrs ago when I has been questioning how comes I get instant capture after firing arty, and funny chance that halted happening nearly completly when WG modified their plan on be unfaithful modsLike. If it will be only the allied arty, I believe it will be not only perfectly great (not a cheat) but furthermore a really nice issue.-You should end up being interacting with teammates, and in actual lifetime you would know by radio where your allies are usually watching, so that somewhat makes sense.

Also knowing how arties are likely to neglect to actually press the Capital t essential, this enables us to know what we should understand if they were competent.-It helps understanding if you possess any support at all ón one flank ór not really. Therefore you dont give up a placement that you could in truth hold nicely because your arty has been watching.-It'h only for allied artiés, and I think there is usually a mod that displays on the minimap the direction where allied tanks are usually searching, and actually where ennemiesnare looking as well. And iirc this mod is usually legal. So what would become wrong here?However if it allows to know where ennemies aim, after that if training course it is definitely a cheat.Liked. Performed one even more fight with this mód and after aIl it'h not that great. First battle I had been protecting on karelia assuIt and it aIl proved helpful.On second battle I noticed that mod functions just if allied arty/arties are usually in your give range.

World Of Tanks Artillery Aiming

When you shift and arties are no much longer made mod halts functioning and purpose markers are usually freezing in last place where artillery has been striving when you saw it.For me it can make it unrealiable ánd I will uninstaIl it, I prefer not really to know then possess indicators that are cluttering UI and can'testosterone levels also rely on them.Like.