Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 5


Nexus mod manager not responding. If you want to leave MitchellFarted a tip for writing this Portal 2 guide you can do so here. Home Games Portal 2 Chapter 5 The door will jam, shoot a portal through it and escape like that. Portal 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1 – The Courtesy Call Chapter 2 – The Cold Boot Chapter 3 – The Return Chapter 4 – The Surprise Chapter 5 – The Escape Chapter 6 – The Fall Chapter 7 – The Reunion Chapter 8 – The Itch Chapter 9 – The Part Where He Kills You. Introduction Chapter 1 – Team Building Chapter 2 – Mass.

  1. Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2 Part 5

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Portal 2 Chapter 5The door will quickly pull, capture a portal thróugh it and escape like that.The lighting will switch off, but Wheatley will turn on a torch. Follow him through the dark corridors and past a several jumping areas.Period for some sites. Jump capture across where WheatIey iIluminates with his flashlight to keep sticking with him.Website your method onto the turret payoff lines and hop across to the next area.Website into the turret firing range behind the target wall.

When there is usually a dud turret attempting to capture, place a portal on the focus on wall structure and portal ovér to the balcony behind the turrets.Stroll around the turret lines to the turret control centre. Wait for Wheatley to 'Crack' the door, and get rid of the turret. Proceed back out to the turret ranges and catch a dud turret obtaining thrown apart. Provide it to the control space and put it in the scanner.Follow Wheatley to the Neurotoxin station and proceed up top.Drive the reddish colored button near the door, and be sure to put a portal at the end of that laser beam.Use the relocating white walls to reduce the pipe joints going to the Neurotoxin power generator with the laser beam, then adhere to Wheatley into the pipe.Portal to the whitened walls in the image, and obtain prepared for a story segment.After that nice story segment, put Wheatley in the container and portal to the key that starts up and push it.

Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 2 Part 5

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