Ted Williams Outboard Serial Numbers


I looked up the model number you. We do not have any service manuals on this Ted Williams outboard. Sears PartsDirect uses your location to provide local. We must receive the returned part(s) with the Return Authorization number within 365 days of your original order date. Exclusions apply to products with limited shelf life, which includes but are not limited to batteries, smoke detectors, or chemical based products; these products must be returned within 90 days of the original order date.

Sears outboard electric motor parts Price cut MARINE Components Sears and Roebucks Listing/Department Store In 1886 Richard Watts Sears started the Ur.Watts. Sears View Firm in Minneapolis. The sticking with 12 months he relocated company to Chicago.

Mister Sears marketed for a Watchmaker and hired Alvah C Roebuck. In 1893 the Sears, Roebuck and Organization was included. The 1st large general catalog had been launched in 1896. The 1st retail store was opened up in Chi town, in the yr of 1925, with many more to arrive.

We could compose webpages on the history of Sears, but this web page is certainly about Outboard Motors. Sears and Roebucks started selling outboard motors in their 1914 record. They had been marketing outboard engines making use of their brand name title 'Motorgo'. Their outboard collection grew through the decades with many different manufacturers.

Sears has modify their brand name a several situations over the decades. Their very first brand title had been 'Motorgo' from 1914 through 1932. These early motors were produced by Lockwood, Muncie Equipment, and Caille. Not always in that purchase.

In 1933 through 1935 they had been called Water Witch, made by Muncie Equipment. In 1936 title was transformed to Waterwitch (one word). These outboards were produced by Kissel Industries from 1936 through 1945. In 1946 when Western world Bend required over manufacturing, the name changed to Elgin.

They continued to be Elgins until 1964 when the title had been phased out to the brand name 'Sears'. In the later years there were brand titles like 'Craftsman', 'Téd Williams' and 'Gaméfisher', these had been smaller horsepowers produced by McCulloch, Push, Clinton, Tanaka ánd Eska. By 1987 most all brand name names were discountinued in favor of Gamefisher brand name and these were all made by Pressure from 1987 through 1996. It had been at this time that Sears ended offering outboard engines There had been outboards marked 'Sears' of Canada from 1975 through 1979. These outboards were produced by and transported an Eska model number. Through the yrs Sears just offered their brand name brands. The three nearly all common were Motorgo, Waterwitch ánd Elgin.

There has been one exclusion to this Sears plan. In the 1925 Sears list, they outlined the Johnson design 'A' and 'G' outboards for selling. This has been the only season they had been shown. With the following model season instructions, we are usually attempting to offer a cross reference listing of Sears outboard motor models to the outboard manufacturers design numbers. We will carry on to update as more research is certainly finished. Hard primary parts for these outboards are usually getting even more tough to discover as time will go on. Numerous old outboards used common Ignition and Carburétor venders for thát time period.

Discount Water Parts has Ignition and Carburetor repair kits for many all of these old outboards. If we put on't have got what your looking for, we have many sources to locate your part. Obviously some parts are simply not obtainable.

We can occasionally find it utilized and frequently we have got the component produced if there is definitely enough need. Discount Ocean Parts provides a large stock of parts for many brand names of American produced Outboards, Inboards ánd Sterndrives. We furthermore have nearly all parts and assistance manuals accessible. Say thanks to you for ceasing by and make sure you come back! Identify Outboard Manufacturer by Sears Design Quantity Prefix (First Three Figures adopted by a period Identify Producer) Prefix Brand name Name Years Sold Outboard Manufacturer??? Motorgo 1914 - 1927 Lockwood-Ash M Motorgo 1928 - 1932 Caille Motors???

Motorgo 1932 Muncie Gear Functions 217. Sears - Ted Williams - Gamefisher 1968 - 1986 Eska 225. Gamefisher 1987 - 1996 Force 298. Gamefisher 19??

Sears - Gamefisher 19?? Waterwitch 1938 - 1940 Johnson??? Waterwitch 1933 - 1937 Muncie Gear Functions 571. Waterwitch 1936 - 1945 Kissel Sectors 571. Elgin 1946 - 1960 West Flex 574.

Elgin - Sears - Ted Williams 1959 - 1969 McCulloch 582. Sears Simpson (Europe) 1965 - 1968 Clinton Be aware! Model 616 - 1964 Models were Modified to Create 5.5 H.P. (made by McCulloch) SoId Under The Sticking with 'Sears' Manufacturers Brand Name Yrs Sold Outboard Manufacturer 1914 - 1927 Lockwood Ash 1928 - 1932 Caille 1932 Muncie Equipment Works 1933 - 1937 Muncie Equipment Functions 1938 - 1940 Johnson Outboard Prefix 550. 1936 - 1945 Kissel Industries Prefix 571. 1946 - 1960 West Flex Prefix 571.

1959 - 1969 McCulloch Prefix 574. 1965 - 1968 Clinton Prefix 582. 1975 - 1979 Eska (No Prefix) Used Eska Models 1968 - 1986 Eska Prefix 217. Tanaka Prefix 298. 1987 - 1996 Push Prefix 225.

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Give thanks to you for the upgrade of the outboard motor. I appeared at ever 7.5 outboard we acquired in the part program and I think this 1 is not shown and that is why it does not arrive upward when it can be looked. I think this had been one of thosé outboards that had been made by Elgin-Séars-McCulloch.

It demonstrated up under a amount of labels. I think your serial amount may end up being a 636007. I have got discovered a web site that may have some details on this previous outboard. Some of these were promotional models and there was little paperwork kept on these versions. I possess found a web-sité that may be of some help to you. I will list it below.

I recently purchased a Sears Ted Williams 7.5 HP (I was told) outboard. In purchase to begin restoring it, I would enjoy any help determining the exact create, model and season. I discovered the right after numbers on the mind: 65600730 I (the last two numbers óf the sér.

And the l are usually a little questionable as they are usually tough to learn), and what looks kind of like an I is definitely very hard to make out. Could become an L, or Testosterone levels, or something else, simply not certain. Also, below the quantity above it provides a quantity, 1420, rubber-stamped in the steel of the head. Head sending your line says 'McCulloch Company' and below that 'Scott Division' Two cylinders. I possess happen to be to the Sears components web site, but has been unable to discover anything that assisted. I wear't actually understand that web site, so I may have entered ineffective data.

I do discover a picture on the internet that appears specifically like the engine I have got, except that it is a 9 HP motor. It indicated it was a 1969 year design Ted Williams. Sórry, I would include the Web link, but l didn't savé it.

Any details getting even more particular about the electric motor would end up being a excellent help. Re: Help with Ted Williams Serial Number Many thanks steelespike. Your recommendation caused me to go away and appear more carefully at the engine, whereupon I found a label I had not seen before. It read: Serial Quantity: 656 Design 574601120 Sears Roebuck and Co. Simpsons Sears LTD, Europe You called this one best on the cash. I can today be more particular about searching for restoration parts, etc.

If there is anything more you can inform me about this engine, I would adore to listen to it. For example, does the 'Simpsons Sears LTD, Canada' indicate a version that might need non-standard components?

Thanks once again for your help.