Game Theory Strategy Philip Strafing With Fighter In World Of Warships


Then give your Fighter Squadron a 'strafe' command in the same direction so that your Fighter Squadron will start 'strafing' the enemy Fighter Squadron either immediately or shortly thereafter. Do not place the 'strafe' command too close or your Fighter Squadron will first circle around to get into position.

  • How to counter strafing? Sign in to follow this. Playing the Zuiho I had a pure catastrophic game where I faced a Bogue with two fighter squadrons and was more or less destroyed instantly by strafing attacks and after two Waves my 30 Aircraft had been wiped out vs 1 in return I realize that was skilled by him but a absurd disproportion in.
  • But without any strafing, fighter play becomes stale and boring. So if they keep the misnamed 'Strafing' in the game as it is now. That's the theory any way.

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My buddy who own Shoukaku mentioned that after this plot, It's the end of the Dogfighting Era and Begining óf the Strafing Period when the even more squadron with good tactical set up earn. He use 2/2/2 Shoukaku set up and capable to Meltdown Lexington 2 squadron Feet with 1 squadron getting the bait and other squadron strafing everything down, Causing into lose of only 1 Feet squadron to reduce down or actually annihilating 2 Foot Lexington in one strafing work.

I own Ranger and find that my lifestyle of 1/1/1 is definitely harsher since Strafing create it more difficult to targeting enemy dispatch before your entire squadron wipe out. However, If you are encounter against foe that seem doesn't know how to strafing. Also 3/1/1 Hiryuu imply nothing to me sincé I can stráfing all 3 FTs Squadron and create a critical reduction of their FTs. Edited January 12, 2016 by TKRotund. And if fighter vs fighter now is definitely like becoming the seeker and hunted. Watching one fightérs if they wiIl strafe then one wrong move, opposing fighters will feast at your mistakes and strafe you, but quite difficult cuz you need air superiority by capturing down foe fighters but bad thing is definitely bombers and tp will engage after one fighters shot down or overlook enemy ships cuz cv are usually more concentrated in dogfights/stráfing than bombing. Simply correct me if im wrong And not to point out some player who concentrate on Stráfing DB/TB.


lt was totally destructive especially for lengthy time maintenance time USN TB. And not really to mention some participant who focus on Stráfing DB/TB. lt was totally harmful specifically for lengthy time maintenance time USN TB. Furthermore, i notice ijn gain its brilliance if it strafe properly, before this patch usn fighters was dreaded by some ijn cv but right now ijn fighters take it mind on. Meanwhie usn gain more benefit in shooting down tp and dive bombers, specifically the ijn since they possess several squadron to shot straight down. In brief, ijn strafing is definitely for countertop usn fighters' air flow brilliance and usn make use of strafe to shoot down several ijn squadron.

Tháts what i obvérse therefore far.

I've become running CV's for couple months now and just found this out lately but attempting at perfecting it better a lot of times I discover by the period my plane are making the work the enemy planes are usually long gone. Certainly a direct run isn't often feasible so a great deal of periods it't from the side or what possess you.

Can be there any way to assess how very much to direct like when you are firing a ships main guns where you can prospect by X quantity and obtain a strike every shot or close up to it. Or will be strafing purely guesstimate every period you strafe? Awesome, I've been trying to shape out how to do this and faltering miserably.

A Resume participant that can'testosterone levels get good at this technique (i.e. Me therefore much) can be nothing but án XP pinata fór one that knows it. Cat bowling game witch. Which can be why strafing is usually total edited and wants to become removed.

Had been just in a fit, with Saipan, whére my fighters were involved against one óf his squadróns, his additional squadron came on a strafing run, removed all three óf my squads, ánd didn't even harm his. There are numerous items wrong with this. Very first, what specifically had been he 'strafing'? A massive volume of sky, covering many cubic miles. How will that function? Second, picture the ammunition that would consider.large numbers of moments more than what thát squadron of fightérs transported.

Third, if you're also going to fill that stones up with ammo.how does that not really damage friendlies? Fourth, if you are heading to permit all the above edited.what's the stage? Everyone simply flying about, incapable to engage? Ya, that seems fun (not really). All part of Curriculum vitae's simply being horribly broken. This was my very first complement in a even though, and I immediately kept in mind why I ended playing them. Nearly everything about them is modified.

Strafing is certainly modified. The imbalance between nations is edited. Enjoying them simply sucks.ánd its because théy were poorly designed to start with, and that apparently hasn't changed. I was really searching forwards to trying them once again, and that got healed in a one game, with a supposedly OP CV.

Edited September 3, 2017 by DrunkenSailor63. Which is usually why strafing is definitely total edited and needs to be removed. Was just in a go with, with Saipan, whére my fighters had been engaged against one óf his squadróns, his other squadron came on a strafing work, deleted all three óf my squads, ánd didn't actually harm his.

There are usually numerous stuff incorrect with this. First, what specifically has been he 'strafing'?

A massive volume of stones, covering many cubic kilometers. How will that function? Second, visualize the ammunition that would consider.a huge number of times more than what thát squadron of fightérs carried. Third, if you're also going to fill up that atmosphere up with ammo.how will that not really harm friendlies? Fourth, if you are heading to allow all the over modified.what's the point?

Everyone just flying about, unable to participate? Ya, that noises fun (not). All component of Resume's simply being horribly damaged. This has been my very first suit in a while, and I immediately valued why I halted playing them. Almost everything about them is definitely edited.

Strafing is edited. The disproportion between countries is edited. Playing them just sucks.ánd its because théy had been poorly made to begin with, and that evidently hasn't changed. I has been really looking forwards to trying them again, and that obtained healed in a solitary game, with a apparently OP CV. Did you seriously res a dead thread simply tó b.tch about stráfing? 2.Strafing will in fact damage friendlies. Win xp home edition. We already know that the Curriculum vitae situation is definitely crap, we have got a line stating so every some other day.